About Us

We are a group of technology entrepreneurs with expertise and many years of experience in the worlds of sports and gaming, and with great love and passion for sports.

We are very aware that the high cost of game tickets makes it extremely difficult for many sports fans to realize their dream of attending and experiencing the unique and electrifying atmosphere at various sporting events.

Our goal is to provide a social-community response to this need — in a subsidized, transparent and dynamic way — to benefit all sports fans.

We use reliable, modern and unique social technology to subsidize tickets for sporting events, dynamically, in accordance with the actions of the community participants.

Using smart contracts based on blockchain technology enables transparency and reliability.

The more participants there are in the pool, the more the ticket is subsidized!

The participant selects one result from among the three possible results for each game. For each option, the participant sees — in real time! — the possible winning ratio to purchase a subsidized ticket for the event (if he selects the correct option).

The possible winning ratio to purchase a subsidized ticket is dynamic and it changes in a social manner — in accordance with the activity of all of the participants in the community, and with no third party intervention. To do this we use smart contracts on the blockchain network.

With POOLTICKETS you get to create the ideal finals ticket for yourself!


What is unique about POOLTICKETS?

It is social:

POOLTICKETS was developed by sports fans for the sports and gaming fan community.

POOLTICKETS is social, worthwhile and exciting. The community’s actions determine the size of the discount at which winners can buy a ticket to the Final game.

There is no broker intervention.


Everything is entirely transparent to the customer.

What you see is what you get. Using smart contracts, at every given point in time every participant can see the price to purchase an option

The information is transparent, and it is easy and convenient to access it.

Every action carried out in the POOLTICKETS system is transparent and clear to all of the POOLTICKETS community members.

Every action is displayed in real time, immediately on the POOLTICKETS system. And every action by a community participant influences the size of the discount that winning participants will get when buying a subsidized ticket to the final game.


On POOLTICKETS you compete in a group arena, without any third party interference.

All you have to do is enjoy playing, and you will get what you earn in a secure, fair and worthwhile way.

Fast and Simple:

Buying a subsidized ticket for the Finals involves three simple steps:

Select a sports event
Select an option

  • WIN A subsidized ticket
    If you select the correct option, you are eligible to purchase a subsidized ticket Smart contracts mean automatic and instant payouts.
    Do you see that the winning result has been confirmed, and you selected the correct option?
    If so — Congratulations!! You have are entitled to buy a subsidized ticket to the finals game RIGHT NOW!


POOLTICKETS is run by a team of sports experts, with love and passion for the world of sports and gaming.

Better Odds:

Given that the house isn't involved, and the losing options subsidize the winners' tickets, buying a ticket to the Finals using POOLTICKETS is your best chance to buy a ticket to the finals at a super low price!